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    • Finished hole pulley
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      Finished hole pulley

      AK cast iron pulleys Single groove pulleys "4L" belts for "3L" or "A" belts can be used with these pulleys, as shown in the table below. 1/25" for 32" holes and smaller...More information
    • Pulley with split cone bushing
    • Cone sleeve
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      Cone sleeve

      A/B tapered bushing pulley size in inches, weight in pounds 1 slot F=1"* * F=1" for 1B154TB F=1 1/8" for 1B184TB A/B tapered bushing pulley The size is in inches, and the weight is in pounds. 2 slot F=1 3/4 inch A/BI tapered bushing pulley size...More information
    • QD bushing pulley
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      QD bushing pulley

      B QD pulley for "A" and "B" belts Table 2 Standard key seat table 1 1 3/8" hole bushing is also available with 3/8x3/16" key seat specification 1 slot, F = 7/8 " (1B34SH-1B70SDS) F = 1" (1B74SDS-1B200SK)More information
    • Variable speed pulley
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      Variable speed pulley

      变速滑轮 1VP :用于“3L”、“4L”、“5L”、“A”、“B”或“5v”皮带的单槽变节距滑轮 2VP:用于“3L”、“4L”的单槽变节距滑轮,"5L" ,...More information
    • Poly-v pulley
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      Poly-v pulley

      Poly-Sheaves Poly-Sheaves with Split Taper Bushings Specifications Poly-Sheaves with Split Taper Bushings Standard key seat Poly-She wheels with Split Taper Bushings 8 GROOVES F = 2 1/16" 10G ROOVES, F = 2 7/16" Poly -Sheaves with split cone bushingMore information
    • Split pulley
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      Split pulley

      Split pulley Split pulley Split pulley has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, high efficiency and good performance. It is one of the most important transmission components.It can be widely used in motor vehicles, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, household...More information
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