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      • Rubber timing belt
      • Double-sided tooth synchronous belt
      • V-ribbed belt
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        V-ribbed belt

        V-ribbed belt V-ribbed belt combines the advantages of flat belt flexibility with the power transmission capability of V-belt.V-ribbed belts provide the ultimate belt design for modern engines where space and weight are critical today. · Accessories can...More information
      • Ordinary V belt (ABCDEZ)
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        Ordinary V belt (ABCDEZ)

        Ordinary V-belt structure and characteristics Power belt V-belt adopts carefully selected high-quality rubber materials and low-elongation reinforcing materials, adopts precise technological formula, conforms to international advanced standards, and strict quality...More information
      • Narrow V-belt
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        Narrow V-belt

        Narrow V-band characteristics Narrow V-band provides high lateral stiffness and 50-100% higher transmission power than traditional V-band.The transmission limit speed reaches 40 m/s, and the transmission efficiency is above 95%.Type, section size and length...More information
      • Ribbon triangle belt
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        Ribbon triangle belt

        The characteristics of the belt-shaped V-belt The belt-shaped ordinary V-belt is composed of multiple ordinary V-belts connected into a whole through the connecting layer.When driving, it can eliminate the defects such as vibration, flapping and turning when running with a single belt, each...More information
      • Double V belt
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        Double V belt

        Features of Double V-belt Double angle has two working sections, which is relatively rough, suitable for multi-axis transmission of textile machinery and agricultural machinery.More information
      • Agricultural triangle belt
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        Agricultural triangle belt

        The characteristics of the agricultural machinery V-belt The agricultural machinery V-belt has the characteristics of simple structure, easy production, stable transmission, vibration absorption, wide application, convenient maintenance and so on.Model, section sizeMore information
      • Raw edge V-belt
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        Raw edge V-belt

        Features of raw-edged V-belt The ordinary raw-edged V-belt has the characteristics of large friction coefficient, low bending loss, high transmission efficiency, long service life, etc. It can absorb transmission vibration and noise, and its fatigue strength exceeds 108 times.More information
      • Nylon conveyor belt
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        Nylon conveyor belt

        Characteristics of Nylon Conveyor Belt Nylon is one of the best composite fibers used in the rubber industry. It is a structure made of nylon fibers woven in warp and weft directions. It is the most versatile and has excellent wear resistance, high strength and...More information
      • Polyester conveyor belt
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        Polyester conveyor belt

        Characteristics of polyester conveyor belt Ordinary polyester conveyor belt is also called EP conveyor belt. Its stretch body is a canvas interwoven with warp polyester and weft nylon. It has low warp elongation and excellent weft groove formation performance,...More information
      • Heat-resistant conveyor belt
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        Heat-resistant conveyor belt

        The characteristics of the heat-resistant conveyor belt uses cotton canvas and polyester canvas as the core frame material, and uses excellent heat-resistant styrene butadiene rubber or butyl chloro rubber as cover rubber or buffer rubber.The product can be normal...More information
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