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V-ribbed belt

V-ribbed belt V-ribbed belt combines the advantages of flat belt flexibility with the power transmission capability of V-belt.V-ribbed belts provide the ultimate belt design for modern engines where space and weight are critical today. · The attachment can be from the top or...

V-ribbed belt

V-ribbed belt Combine the advantages of flat belt flexibility with the power transmission capability of V-belts.

V-ribbed belt Provide the ultimate belt design for today's modern engines where space and weight are critical.

· The accessories can be driven from the top or bottom of the belt to achieve a compact design.

· The top or back ribs can handle high-load accessories.

· The formula of rubber compound can reduce noise caused by humid environment and belt pulley wear.

Proven reliability on drives with or without automatic tensioner.

Optimal flexibility can provide greater heat dissipation, thereby ensuring higher operating efficiency of the single belt drive system.

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V-Ribbed Belt & V Belt-Ribstar belt


Top fabric (V ribs only)
The flexible diagonal cut fabric is impregnated with oil- and heat-resistant rubber to eliminate abrasion and cracking.

Insulating rubber
The rope is wrapped in a mixture of oil and heat resistant rubber with strong viscosity to provide maximum rope support and long life.

Tension line
High tensile strength aramid or pre-stretched polyester cords ensure the high horsepower capacity and constant belt tension of the spring tension system and locking center drive.

Rib rubber
Rib rubber is reinforced by fiber fragments and heat-resistant rubber compound to improve wear resistance and reduce noise.

Raw-Edge Cogged & Raw-Edge Multi-Ply
A proven, cost-effective design that is the first choice for many applications.

It is popular in trucks, agricultural equipment, heavy equipment, and other applications that use large gasoline and diesel engines.

The best flexibility provides greater heat dissipation, thereby ensuring longer operating efficiency.The tooth-shaped design provides an area for air circulation to further accumulate heat and provides greater flexibility.

The variable pitch of the gears improves belt performance by reducing noise and tension attenuation.

The laminated structure of the bottom fabric reduces the noise inherent in the drive.

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V-Ribbed Belt & V Belt-RECMF belt

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V-Ribbed Belt & V Belt-MPMF belt


Old cars produced before the introduction of V-belts still maintain a strong replacement market.

Top cloth
Sturdy, hard-wearing diagonal cut fabric designed to provide protection without losing flexibility.

High tensile strength, pre-stretched polyester cord can reduce stretching and maintain constant tension.

Compressed rubber
Reinforced with fiber fragments to provide a high coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance and greater flexibility.Ensure that the load is transferred to the rope smoothly and evenly.

Base cloth
The crack-resistant, highly flexible fabric is impregnated with oil- and heat-resistant rubber compounds.The laminated structure ensures firm adhesion and reduces noise.

Rubber edge
Eliminate slippage and maintain reliable contact with the pulley groove.

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